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  • Medical care, such as disease treatment and care for pregnant women
  • Clean, disease-free water, sanitation and hygiene at refugee transit centers


Syrian Refugee Crisis

Violence has forced millions from their homes in Syria. In a war that's taken countless lives, traumatized refugees are in desperate need of medical care and support.

The refugee situation has the potential of destabilizing entire regions and countries, as local infrastructure strains under growing, desperate needs.


The Syrian refugee influx is becoming a “time bomb” in Lebanon– politically, socially, and environmentally. The Lebanese government and local and international agencies working in Lebanon are becoming overwhelmed by the Syrian crisis. Intense pressure has been exerted on all sectors of Lebanese society since the crisis began.


Amidst and ongoing economic crisis, Greece is facing an unprecedented amount of refugee arrivals. The Islands lack the necessary infrastructure, services and personnel support to meet the rapidly growing needs. In some camps, 1000+ refugees are living in areas designed for 200-- putting lives at risk as sanitation and food resources are severely strained. Pregnant women, children and the elderly are at great risk as the situation worsens.


Turkey now hosts the world's largest number of refugees - three million people. Vulnerable families from Syria and other neighboring countries need services, care and assistance to survive in the months - and years - to come. As the number of asylum seekers continues to grow, support for refugees in Turkey will be critical to saving and protecting lives.

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Desperate for safety, fleeing to nearby nations & Europe

Civil war began in Syria in March 2011 and has killed or injured over 11.5% of the population - it is arguably the worst human disaster taking place in the world at this time.

According to the UNHCR (United Nations Refugee Agency) there currently is an estimated 4 million refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq and Egypt. In Lebanon alone, UNHCR estimates there are over 1 million registered Syrian refugees. Turkey is now home to the greatest number of refugees.

Thousands of refugees are arriving in Greece every day, with increasing numbers of vulnerable populations arriving, specifically pregnant women, children and the elderly.

The Lebanese government has resisted the formation of refugee camps for the Syrians to avoid placing the burden for care on the Lebanese government. In Greece, recent financial crises seriously weakens the country's ability to support incoming refugees, and political tensions have potential to change the situation rapidly.

Map of Syrian Refugee Routes Through Greece

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There are tremendous gaps in support for the refugee population-- particularly in the health sector.

Preventing & Managing Disease

Medical Teams International's primary goal in Lebanon is health outreach. Basic health and dental care prevents and reduces the impact of disease on children, women, and men in the settlement. Additionally, we train community volunteers to provide household outreach and education complements ongoing health services at mobile medical units.

There is a major focus on the largely unmet need of chronic and preventable problems e.g. dental, cardiovascular, respiratory, diabetes. Community Health Volunteers monitor chronic disease patients in their homes and provide families and communities with vital information on chronic disease recognition, management and disease prevention.

In Greece, the situation focuses on meeting the dangerous infrastructure strains facing refugees in registration camps. After grueling journeys (which are particularly hard for pregnant women, young children and the elderly), desperate refugees are finding themselves trapped in dangerous conditions with no way to meet basic sanitation needs.

Where thousands are living in camps designed for a few hundred, the risk of outbreaks - and the need for care - are high. We are planning to send volunteer medical teams to help fill healthcare gaps and protect vulnerable lives.

Turkey now holds the greatest number of refugees on earth - three million. Displaced families need medical care and services to survive. We are planning to work with partners and to provide direct health services to those in need.


A refugee mother and child pass through Greece as they flee violence in Syria.

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