Our Mobile Dental vans have transitioned to providing urgent dental care – an essential service during the COVID-19 outbreak. Our goal is to help relieve an overburdened healthcare system with these emergency dental services.

Mobile Dental Clinic Schedule

Left untreated, dental problems can lead to pain, difficulty eating and increase the risk of debilitating health conditions. Two significant obstacles prevent people from receiving dental care – cost and access. We’re committed to breaking down these barriers by delivering free dental care to patients on our fleet of Mobile Dental vans. We’re proud to serve our neighbors with the largest volunteer-powered Mobile Dental program in the United States.

Going to the People Who Need Us

Mobile Dental vans go to places where people need urgent help. By partnering with other community agencies, we identify those with the greatest needs. Your support serves Indigenous peoples, those with disabilities, seniors, people experiencing material poverty or houselessness, migrant workers, asylum seekers, undocumented immigrants, people recovering from substance abuse disorders, veterans and youth by providing dental care that eliminates pain and prevents future tooth decay.

Find a Clinic

For information about clinics in your area, you may search for a clinic online.


Are you a dental professional who’d like to serve vulnerable neighbors in your community? Dental professional volunteers are the backbone of the Mobile Dental Program. In five to seven hours, you can see around eight patients who are in desperate need of dental care. Our clinics provide extractions and fillings with an occasional specialty clinic. We are always looking for dentists, dental assistants and registered dental hygienists to volunteer. Sign up to volunteer below!

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