Mobile Dental Program

Cost and access prevent people from getting crucial dental care.

Left untreated, dental problems can lead to pain, difficulty eating, debilitating health conditions, and low self-esteem. Two significant obstacles prevent people from receiving dental care – cost and access. We’re committed to breaking down these barriers by delivering free dental care to patients on our fleet of Mobile Dental vans. We’re proud to serve our neighbors with the largest volunteer-powered Mobile Dental program in the United States.

Going to the People Who Need Us

Mobile Dental vans go to places where people need urgent help. By partnering with other community agencies, we identify those with the greatest needs. Your support serves those living in poverty, people with disabilities, the elderly, people experiencing homelessness, migrant workers, Native American populations, recovering addicts, veterans and youth by providing dental care that eliminates pain and prevents future tooth decay.

Teaching about Good Dental Hygiene 

Dental treatment is important, and so is good dental hygiene. Developing good dental hygiene habits can reduce the risk of many diseases. Through the Mobile Dental Program, volunteer dental professionals visit schools to teach kids about how to take care of their teeth. They also hand out basic dental supplies for kids to take home.

Find a Clinic

For information about clinics in your area, please call our Dental Information Lines:
In Oregon: (503) 624-1026
In Washington:
(425) 284-1950
Español: (503) 624-6626

You can also search for a clinic online.


Volunteer with the Mobile Dental Program

Serving the Local Community With Mobile Dental Vans

Mobile Dental volunteers and patients represent the amazing work taking place right now in our own backyard. Here are two stories that demonstrate how strong our local communities are.
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