Earthquakes, hurricanes, flooding, pandemics and other crises unleash chaos. The potential for large-scale natural disasters is always present, and many parts of the world are unprepared to handle the devastation that could strike their communities.

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That’s why we’re always ready. We mobilize quickly – entering places of turmoil and disease, prepared to make a life-saving difference. We have expertise that comes from four decades of delivering medical care in the midst of disaster.

We know that every disaster is different, so we quickly evaluate the best way to have the greatest impact and save the most lives. Then, we adapt our response to each new context so we can bring healing swiftly and efficiently.

Delivering Emergency Care

From Disaster Health Kits to life-saving medicines, your generosity brings healing in times of crisis. It helps treat wounds, injuries and infections. It provides care for pregnant women and sick children. It enables us to treat diseases like cholera, Ebola and COVID-19.

Deploying Experienced Disaster Response Volunteers

Your support sends trained and experienced medical volunteers to help heal disaster survivors. Volunteers are ready to deploy within 48 hours after a disaster strikes. They hit the ground running to meet urgent needs.

We require our disaster response volunteers to go through rigorous safety and security training. We understand disaster response often occurs in unstable and remote places. Conditions can be physically and emotionally demanding. We want our volunteers to deliver the best medical care to people who are hurting. That means equipping them to safely enter the most challenging environments.

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The Value of Partnerships

We always partner with local and international agencies. We do this in order to move as quickly as possible. It’s also the best way to make sure we’re not duplicating efforts, but instead reaching the greatest number of people in crisis. Partnerships are also the best way to ensure a holistic response so that survivors are getting all their needs met.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve partnered with Swedish Health Services to support drive-thru testing. Swedish Director of Operations, Sherry Barber, explained what the partnership has meant for frontline workers,

“Having the mobile van on site has been helpful in several ways: For one, it offers Swedish medical staff to have a place to recover from being in the elements. On days when the wind and rain are heavier, it allows those who are screening patients in line an easy way to get some warmth and sit down to have some lunch before they head back out. Patient registration happens on the van and having it parked right behind the main tent where cars go through makes it easy to pass information over the radios. For the staff working inside the van—they can quickly get a sense of potential volume of patients by looking through the windshield at the line. Overall it makes everything run more efficient.”

We are proud to be a member of the Integral Alliance — a group of Christian relief and development organizations that work together to combine their resources and have the maximum impact in places where disasters bring devastation.

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