In places of conflict and disaster, mothers and children are at even higher risk of disease and death. Children die from illnesses like malnutrition, pneumonia and malaria. Mothers don’t survive childbirth. Women are targets of sexual and gender-based violence. Together, we can change that. Because we know that healthy women and children are the first step to creating healthy communities.

Helping Mothers and Babies Survive Birth 

We work in places where mothers often give birth alone and without basic medical supplies. All women need access to health care throughout their pregnancy, as well as during and after birth. In fact, the first 48 hours after birth are the most critical time for a newborn’s survival.

Your support helps make sure pregnant women receive prenatal care and are able to give birth in a clinic with the help of a skilled birth attendant – even during the COVID-19 pandemic. If something goes wrong, having access to emergency care like C-sections can save the lives of mothers and infants.

Once their babies are born, you help mothers learn the importance of breastfeeding. You provide vaccines and treatments for illnesses. You enable doctors to check for malnutrition and supply therapeutic foods so children can grow healthy.

Caring for Survivors of Violence and Trauma

Health is much more than just physical. For women who have experienced sexual trauma, rape or gender-based violence, your support is a lifeline. It brings counseling and compassionate medical care to heal women’s bodies, minds and hearts.

Empowering Women

With your help, women are encouraged to be leaders in their communities. They are taught ways to stay healthy, then they spread this knowledge to their neighbors. When you provide something for a mother – food, medicine, education – she will put it to work to benefit her family.

Learn About Healthy Women, Healthy World