Providing health screenings for every refugee who crosses the border. Meeting ongoing health needs for women and children.

Violence in South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo has forced countless families to leave behind all they know to seek refuge in a new country. More than a million refugees now live in Uganda.

The influx of refugees has put intense pressure on a health care system that still struggles to meet the needs of its own people. Ugandan health centers are facing serious shortages as refugees, mostly women and children, flee to Uganda. Basic health care, sanitation, and water facilities are overwhelmed, and refugees are left trapped in dangerous living situations. Without medical care, conditions in crowded refugee camps can lead to immense suffering. Infectious disease spreads like wildfire.

Women and children are especially vulnerable to sickness and death. In a refugee camp, giving birth is one of the most dangerous things a woman can do. Without vaccines or nutritious food, children die from preventable causes.

Caring for the Vulnerable

Medical Teams is recognized by the United Nations for the quality of our work to make sure refugees throughout Uganda have access to life-saving medical care. Because of that, we have been the chosen partner for providing refugee healthcare in Uganda by the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) since 2009.

Your support allows us to be on the frontlines as refugees cross the border into Uganda. It enables our teams to provide a health screening for every single refugee that arrives in Uganda, providing vaccines and treating injuries.

After families move from the border crossing points to refugee settlements, we continue delivering medical care. Children suffering from malaria and respiratory infections – two of the leading causes of death – are given life-saving medicines. Pregnant women receive prenatal care and help delivering their babies, even when they need emergency obstetric care like cesarean sections.

It doesn’t stop there. Your support helps mothers learn how to keep their babies healthy. It teaches mothers about breastfeeding and the danger signs to look for in newborns. It provides vaccinations and supplemental food for malnourished children. All of these efforts help mothers survive childbirth and babies have a healthy start to life.

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