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Mozambique Disaster Response

Help Those Suffering After Cyclone Idai

Refugee Health Care

The worst disasters in the world today are caused by war. From medicines to trauma counseling, let's bring life-saving medical care to refugees.

Impact Stories

A Grim Anniversary for the People of Syria

Patients trapped within the borders of Syria urgently need medical supplies and support. Through a partnership with International Blue Crescent Relief and Development Foundation, Medical Teams International provides shipments of much-needed medicine and medical supplies to facilities providing care within Syria.

Impact Stories

To Tell the Tooth: A First-Time Dental Visit

Nine-year-old Amelia eased into a reclining position on the dental chair. As she did, she acknowledged, “This is my first time to the dentist.”

Impact Stories

Brave Women of the Rohingya Refugee Camps

They told us their story of leaving Myanmar and their new life in Bangladesh. For two hours I listened to all they endured and all they overcame.