Who we serve in Sudan

Sudan has a long history of generously hosting refugees. More than 1 million refugees from neighboring countries — including South Sudan, Syria, and Ethiopia — have taken shelter within Sudan’s borders. Some regions in Sudan, including Darfur, also experienced conflict that forced people from home, resulting in thousands more people seeking safety in other parts of Sudan.

Medical Teams began our work in Sudan in response to the influx of people from Ethiopia’s Tigray region. Deadly conflict forced thousands to make the decision to leave home for their own safety. As a result, we provided a population of more than 200,000 people with loving, life-saving care.

After the conflict in Khartoum began in April 2023, more than 2 million people risked their lives to reach safety in other regions of Sudan. We now care for many of them with our mobile medical teams and in our existing clinics, offering life-saving medical care and emergency nutrition to people who need it.

The people we serve in Sudan are resilient and determined. Despite having lived through terrifying and life-threatening experiences, they are eager to give back and share their gifts with their communities.

What’s happening in Sudan

For the last few decades, Sudan has been relatively stable compared to its neighboring countries. People from South Sudan, Ethiopia, Syria, and Eritrea have all sought refuge in Sudan as their home countries experienced conflict.

That said, frequent conflict in the Darfur region of Sudan have pushed thousands of Sudanese people into other regions of the country. Now, the recent conflict between warring factions of the military in Khartoum has spread to other parts of the country. More than 3 million people in Sudan have been forced to leave home because of the violence and settle in refugee camps. Another million people have left Sudan and sought refuge in neighboring countries.

The situation in Sudan is growing increasingly complicated, especially in conflict-affected areas. Reaching people who need help becomes harder every day. We remain committed to caring for our neighbors in Sudan.

Our team in Sudan

Our team in Sudan consists of more than 400 team members at 3 different sites across the country. Most of our full-time staff are from Sudan. About 45% of our team are local volunteers, largely from the communities we serve. Working alongside so many of the people we serve is a valuable way we let communities lead our responses.

Note: The numbers and statistics reflected on this page were collected from October 2021 – September 2022.