Remote camps and sparse medical services

Refugee camps in Tanzania are in remote areas of the country. It’s hard to maintain high quality health services in such hard-to-reach places. Clinics don’t have all the critical medicines and supplies they need. Even when they do, sick people often face long waits to see a doctor.

Providing improved care

With your support, we’re supporting health facilities so refugees can get medical care quickly. Doctors and nurses are being trained to provide better care. Trained staff are crucial so they can respond to complications and save lives. Doctors and nurses are also able to refer patients to regional hospitals for serious cases like those caused by COVID-19.

Empowering faith leaders

In Tanzania, we’ve initiated a program called Channels of Hope. Channels of Hope works with faith leaders to equip them as key influencers in their communities to improve health. Through this innovative program, we strive to improve the health of mothers and babies in a refugee camp.