Healthy Women, Healthy World


“As a leader in global health, I am convinced that women are urgently needed to engage in problems that impact women. Medical Teams is ready, skilled, and focused to bring health and wholeness to women and children in desperate need.”

Martha Holley Newsome, President & CEO
Medical Teams International

Healthy Women, Healthy World

Our Mission.

To mobilize champions for women and their families impacted by global health issues.

If you are passionate about being a champion for women around the world and want to connect with like-minded people, we’d love to have you join Healthy Women, Healthy World. We meet quarterly — in the Portland and Seattle areas (and now online!) — to learn about the health challenges facing women. Then we act. We volunteer, advocate, and build support for programs that provide life-saving care for women.

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Upcoming Events

Healthy Women, Healthy World 2020 Luncheon – Virtual Event

Wednesday, September 30 | 12:00 p.m. Pacific Time 

Want to provide life-saving care for women and children around the world?

Learn how you can be the difference between despair and hope, life and death, for women and children in crisis.


We are compelled by compassion.

Our hearts are broken by suffering. Every child deserves a chance to live a healthy life. According to the World Health Organization, more than half of under-five child deaths are due to diseases that are preventable and treatable through simple, affordable interventions. Medical Teams International’s Mothers and Children programs are working to change this fact.

We are committed to women.

We come alongside those who are vulnerable first. Experience shows that if you provide something for a mother – food, medicine, and knowledge – she almost always puts it to work to benefit her family. Your support provides simple and effective building blocks that make the difference between a healthy child and a sick child.

We are called to action.

Not all of us are medical professionals that can provide direct medical care, but there is something we can all do to help. Learning more about the challenges faced by women living in extreme poverty around the globe is the first step to making a difference. Healthy Women Healthy World offers opportunities for like-minded women to come together to hear speakers who have expertise in areas related to these challenges.

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All donations and proceeds from Healthy Women, Healthy World go directly to Medical Teams International Healthy Children and Safe Motherhood projects around the world. Your gifts will make a lasting impact.

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