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Called to Serve, Racheal Puts Love Into Action

I had the privilege of meeting Racheal, a Medical Teams International Program Manager in Uganda, a few months ago. Despite being 8,500 miles apart and chatting over a video call, we bonded quickly. We were around the same age and…

Crossing Rivers, Saving Mothers

Despite the sweltering heat if rural Liberia, the dusty roads and callused heels, 10 women volunteer their time to save lives. Each day, they march miles to reach women in need of support.

The Heartache and Happiness of Pregnant Women

When Nur Ankiz began feeling pain in her abdomen, she knew she was about to give birth. At first, the pain seemed normal to the mother of 12. It turned out to be anything but.

9 Ways to Pray on World Day of the Sick

Twenty-seven years ago, Pope John Paul II introduced World Day of the Sick. It’s a day to pray for those suffering from illness. Today, we invite you to join us in praying for the sick and their caregivers.

Joy After Loss: Janet’s Story

Few things compare to the joy of holding a newborn baby for the first time. For mothers who have experienced violence, terror and loss, the happy relief of delivering a healthy baby is even greater.

Providence St. Joseph Health Partnership Continues in Guatemala

Medical Teams International is extending a multi-year partnership with Providence St. Joseph Health to continue serving remote communities in Guatemala.

Three Years, Two Teams, One Boy

In Daniel, we see a transformation that will last a lifetime. And for the communities in which we partner to bring health in Guatemala, lives change every day.

Water on the Rooftops

“It was little more than a water-filled pit, an open-air cistern exposed to filth and wild animals. But this was Juana and Florencio’s only source of water in the rural highlands of Guatemala.”

Cambodia: Inspiring Refugees Everywhere

Cambodia will always hold a special place in our hearts. Find out why!

Haiti: Rebounding From Disasters

There‚Äôs a saying in Haitian Creole that articulates the sentiments of so many, Ou pa ka viv san espwa. Translated, it means: “You can’t live without hope.” Haitians now live with more hope because of your years of support…