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If You Build It, Will They Come?

One of the things you know if you’re a native of Portland, Oregon, is that umbrellas are for tourists. Those of us born in one of the most rain-drenched cities in the country are used to being somewhat damp most…

Reflections on Venezuela From a Mobile Dental Van

The Pacific Northwest winter rains fell heavier than usual that day. After finding a spot on the top deck of the hospital parking garage, I bundled up and hurried through the pouring rain and sideways winds to get to the…

Boldly Breaking Barriers 4.2 Million Times

Supporters like you had a tremendous impact on people’s lives last year, and we’re excited to share just a handful of accomplishments before the release of our full 2019 Annual Report. Every number on this page represents a person. Someone…

Far From Home: 5 Refugee & Migrant Crises to Watch in 2020

We live in a world where 70.8 million people have been forcibly displaced from their homes. War, genocide, starvation and economic crisis are forcing individuals to flee for their lives. We want to share the “why” behind five of the…

He Hid in a Latrine. Now He’s a Humanitarian.

Redwan lived in a small village in Myanmar with his wife, two children and extended family. On a quiet morning in 2017, they heard gunshots nearby and ran out of their home to witness a slaughter. The entire village —…

A Look at Life for Venezuelan Migrants

The Colombian public healthcare system has completely collapsed under the weight of thousands of Venezuelans who have fled across the border in need of care. The fact that urgent support is needed is undeniable.

Every Baby is a Miracle

A young mother, far away from her home, without a place to safely deliver her baby. It happened more than 2,000 years ago. The most miraculous birth in human history. Jesus — the baby who brought hope and redemption to…

The Top 19 Photos of 2019

From the rolling hills of Bangladesh to rural villages in Guatemala, people around the world are celebrating, thanks to the life-saving care they received in 2019.

Celebrating 40 Years

Over the past 40 years, Medical Teams International has implemented programs to improve the overall health of communities, placing emphasis on equipping local health facilities and building trust in health systems so that they will thrive when we are gone.

Timeline: 40 Years of Love in Action

From the launch of our organization in 1979, to our calling in 2019 — read about what it’s like to experience 40 years of love in action with Medical Teams International.