Donating cryptocurrency is safe, easy and tax-efficient.

With your cryptocurrency donation, you’ll care for the hurting in frontline clinics, refugee camps and remote villages. You’ll deliver emergency food to a malnourished child. Help a woman give birth safely. Provide COVID-19 testing and treatment. And so much more.

Please use this form to make your gift. Although your name, address, and phone number are optional, this information is extremely helpful to us as it allows us to attribute the gift to you. Your donation does not trigger capital-gains tax and may be tax-deductible.

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Medical Teams International is committed to sound stewardship and using your gift to boldly break barriers to health and restore wholeness in a hurting world.

Cryptocurrency FAQ

What are the potential tax benefits of donating cryptocurrency?

Donating cryptocurrency directly to charity can save you money on two types of taxes:

  1. Avoid paying any capital gains tax on your crypto gains.
  2. Receive a federal income tax deduction for the full value of your crypto (state and local income tax deductions may also be available).

An alternative is to sell your cryptocurrency and donate the cash proceeds, but you would first owe capital gains tax on the appreciation, resulting in higher taxes for you and less dollars going to furthering the mission of the charity.

What will be the dollar value of my donation?

The value of your donation will be indicated in the tax receipt and will correspond to the exchange rate at the moment we converted your gift to US dollars (usually within 10 minutes after receiving your gift).

What happens with my cryptocurrency donation?

Your donation goes to a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charity we’ve partnered with called “Cocatalyst Impact” — that’s where your tax receipt will come from. Then your cryptocurrency gift will be liquidated using the Crypto for Charity platform and the net proceeds will be sent to us in USD, subject to the platform’s Terms of Use. Finally, we’ll put your donation to use to support our mission.

How can I claim a tax deduction for my crypto donations?

See this guide on Tax Deductions for Crypto Donations.

What about blockchain transaction fees?

You will have to cover blockchain transaction fees.

Can I donate multiple different coins?

Absolutely. You just need to do it one at a time.

Can I donate partial coins? Is there a donation minimum?

Yes, you can donate partial coin as long as the dollar amount totals $10 USD or more. To donate less than one coin, start with a “0” (zero) followed by a decimal point (e.g., 0.25 or 0.0001).

Note: The foregoing information is general and educational in nature and does not take into consideration your personal circumstances or other factors that may be important in making tax and investment decisions.