Provide medical care for displaced Ethiopians

The Ethiopia Crisis

In early November 2020, conflict between regional and federal forces broke out in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. What has followed is a humanitarian crisis causing massive suffering.

Brutal attacks on women, children and men have forced tens of thousands of people from their homes. Estimates indicate over four million people need assistance in the region. Food, water and other basic supplies are scarce. Some families are trapped in the Tigray region without resources. Others are taking the arduous journey to neighboring countries to live as refugees, like Sudan.

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A family sits under a makeshift tent and tree, Ethiopian refugees in transit. Photo by Joost Bastmeijer.
Photo by Joost Bastmeijer

The consequences of civil unrest in Ethiopia are dire all around, and some believe there is more conflict to come. Responding quickly in the wake of these events is critical to the support and care of Ethiopians, as many have acute medical needs. That’s why Medical Teams is mounting its response to the current crisis in Ethiopia.

A mother and daughter walk along a dirt path, Ethiopian refugees in Sudan, photo by Joost Bastmeijer
Photo by Joost Bastmeijer

What We’re Doing

Medical Teams International is partnering with organizations to care for displaced Ethiopians in the Tigray region. For instance, we are shipping critical medical supplies into Tigray – supplies like syringes, gowns and surgical packs. Additionally, we are sending an assessment team to Ethiopia to identify specific needs in health and nutrition, and the assessment team will work to establish a longer-term response, focused on health systems strengthening in the region.

Thanks to our partners and donors, we are helping provide the means for essential medical care in Ethiopia. We’re thankful our donors are supporting our efforts to continue meeting this critical need.

Help care for displaced Ethiopians