About U.S. Programs Disaster Response

With more than 30 years of experience responding to health crises throughout the Northwest, our staff and volunteers can quickly mobilize in the face of disaster. Now more than ever, our expertise in efficient disaster response is critical. Earthquakes, wildfires, and other emergencies unleash chaos — but that doesn’t mean people stop needing health care. Our mobile medical teams, made up of staff and experienced volunteers, go where they’re needed most to help people affected by crisis.

Our teams treat injuries and illness, offer chaplain and mental health support, and deliver essential supplies to communities. We work closely with local officials and other partners to make sure we’re meeting the needs of people living through a terrifying experience. For more information, please read our Disaster Capability Statement.

Today, we’re building off the success of our COVID-19 response to grow our domestic disaster response program. With an expanding roster of volunteers, we’re ready to help people affected by disasters in the Pacific Northwest.

Our COVID-19 response

In 2020, as the world was paralyzed by the COVID-19 pandemic, our team jumped into action. We held more than 600 testing clinics and 900 vaccine clinics in Oregon and Washington. In total, we vaccinated more than 51,000 people and tested more than 20,000 people.

Our innovative partnerships with community organizations helped us reach people who lacked access to health care otherwise. This group included unhoused people, people with irregular migratory status, and rural communities. Because of our COVID-19 response, we’re also now providers for the Vaccines for Children and Vaccine Access Programs in Oregon.

Additionally, in recognition of our pioneering farmworker testing program in Washington, the Center for Disease Control recently identified the program as a “National Best Practice.” Today, it’s being adopted nationally by other organizations as an efficient and effective way to help people.

Volunteer with Medical Teams International Disaster Response

Volunteer with U.S. Programs Disaster Response

With Medical Teams International’s U.S. Programs Disaster Response team, you can put your experience and expertise to work by helping people in their darkest hours. If you’ve ever felt helpless watching the headlines, or wondered what you can do in the face of a crisis, now’s your chance to act!

Our mobile disaster response team deploys to communities where disaster has struck. When health care systems are weakened, we work rapidly to meet the health care needs of people affected by the crisis. You’ll gain valuable experience, develop new skills, and enjoy the fulfillment of helping others through challenging times.

Our team provides health care support, comprehensive assessments to better understand the needs of people affected by disaster, and essential supplies like disaster relief kits. With the expertise and dedication of volunteers working alongside our staff, we help communities recover after crisis.

Volunteer skills needed

We’re looking for volunteers with the following skill sets:

  • Medical professionals
  • Public Health professionals
  • Behavioral Health professionals
  • Logistic Experts
  • Other humanitarian specialties

For more information about what it means to volunteer, please read our volunteer application information form.

Turn helpless into hopeful and apply now!

Volunteer with USP Disaster Response

Volunteer Nurse in front of the Medical Teams Dental Van