Around the world, violence forces families to flee their homes. We are bearing witness to the greatest refugee medical care crisis the world has known.

Refugees arrive in makeshift camps injured, sick, starving and traumatized. Without refugee medical care, they endure extreme suffering. Their vulnerability to disease is even more obvious during a pandemic like COVID-19. In crowded refugee camps, diseases spread like wildfire, and COVID-19 is no different.

We know that restoring health is the first step to restoring hope for refugees who have lost everything. Because every person deserves the chance for a better life. Every person deserves the chance for health and wholeness.

Meet David, a young boy living in Uganda. David and his family are refugees who were forced from their home due to violence. Watch his story now:

Stopping Infectious Diseases

Refugees have survived so much. It is unacceptable that they should die from a treatable illness. That’s where you come in. As soon as a refugee crosses the border to safety, your support welcomes them with loving care. How? By treating the sick and injured and vaccinating the vulnerable. By spotting diseases like malaria, cholera and COVID-19 before they have the opportunity to spread. By easing suffering and meeting critical needs.

Caring for Women and Children

Life is hard for all refugees, but women and children face even greater risks. A global pandemic doesn’t mean mothers stop giving birth or babies stop needing urgent care. With your help, we protect and care for them. Pregnant mothers receive prenatal care and get help delivering their babies. Survivors of sexual and gender-based violence are offered compassionate counseling. Hungry children are given emergency therapeutic foods. Mothers and children who have lost everything are healed and comforted.

Empowering Refugees

Refugees are not helpless – they have so much to offer their communities. We empower community health workers – volunteers within the refugee settlements – to serve their neighbors. These volunteers spread messages about health and hygiene far and wide so more people are spared from sickness and death. For many, they are the only line of defense against a pandemic like COVID-19 and are essential to promoting refugee medical care.

Your support gives community health workers tools and training so they can teach their neighbors how to stay healthy. They learn how to identify illnesses and refer people to the right care.

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