UKRAINE RESPONSE: Our staff are assessing the humanitarian needs in the region. If you are interested in serving with Medical Teams, we invite you to submit your application for consideration (link below).

Volunteer abroad in a community where local health systems are overwhelmed or non-existent. Our international medical and global health volunteers care for the whole person — physical, emotional, social, and spiritual. Together, we build and strengthen health systems so that they will thrive when we’re gone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I serve in a disaster?

During an emergency, we rapidly deploy teams to support communities affected by disaster. In order to move quickly, volunteers must complete the recruitment process before a disaster occurs to qualify for deployment. Mobilizing our roster of prepared volunteers enables us to be one of the first organizations on the scene, providing immediate care. Scroll down to learn more about the qualifications needed to be a part of our Humanitarian Response Roster, and then apply here.  

What does it cost to volunteer? 

Medical Teams International typically does not cover volunteer travel costs. Projected expenses may include airfare, visas, required immunizations, and supplemental travel insurance unless otherwise noted. In-country food and lodging expenses are included for certain programs. Many costs are tax deductible if you are a US resident, but we recommend talking to a tax consultant to determine specifics.

Do I have to be Christian to volunteer?

While Medical Teams International is a faith affiliated organization, we do not require shared faith among our volunteers. We are highly committed to an excellent standard of care within our clinics. We do not proselytize, and there is no condition attached to the provision of care.

Do you only use medical volunteers?

It depends. We screen and build volunteer teams to meet the needs of each unique community. Volunteer teams may provide immediate medical care, build local capacity, or equip health facilities. These require skilled teams of both medical and non-medical global health professionals. If you are a non-medical global health professional, refer to our Humanitarian Response opportunities.

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Current Opportunities

Humanitarian (Disaster) Response

Humanitarian Response Roster volunteers provide a rapid and coordinated response to the most vulnerable populations during and after an emergency. The entire application process must be completed before a disaster occurs to qualify for deployment. This includes all application materials, a background check, an interview with our coordinator as well as humanitarian response training.

If you desire to serve on a future humanitarian response team, begin the application process now.

Departure Dates: As needed, must be able to deploy within 24-72 hours of notice
Duration of Trip: 4-8 weeks
Projected Cost: Personal costs only (passports, personal gear, immunizations)

Specialties Needed:

Medical Technical/ Non-Medical
ER Doctors

ER Nurses (RN), Nurse Practitioners (NP) and Physician Assistants (PA-C)

Family & General Practitioners

Mental Health Practitioners


Obstetricians & Gynecologists

Communications Officer

Human Resource Specialists

Finance Specialists

Program Support Officer

Field Coordinators


Needs Assessment & Grants Specialists

Public Health Specialists (MPH)

How to apply:

Fill out an online application. If you meet the qualifications for our Humanitarian Response Team, we will contact you to discuss the next steps. If you have questions about the roster process, feel free to reach out at  Additional forms will be required to be completed before placement on our team will be considered.


  • Able to leave within 24-48 hours notice
  • Participation & successful completion of Hostile Environment Awareness Training & Humanitarian Principals (HEAT+) Course
  • Previous deployment to an international disaster in a low-resource setting
  • Physically fit (hiking or lifting; extreme temperatures)
  • Able to work and live with limited amenities (without power, with shared accommodations/tents, eating very basic food, using rudimentary bathroom facilities)
  • Able to work long hours in unpredictable and unstable conditions
  • Flexibility; able to work as part of a team
  • Current passport & medical license/certification
  • Current immunizations (including Hepatitis A & B, yellow fever, typhoid)
  • Available for at least 4-8 weeks at a time (additional time commitments warmly welcomed)