Volunteer abroad in a community where local health systems are overwhelmed or non-existent. Our international medical and global health volunteers care for the whole person — physical, emotional, social, and spiritual. Together, we build and strengthen health systems so that they will thrive after we’re gone.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I serve in a disaster?

During an emergency, we rapidly deploy teams to support communities affected by disaster. In order to move quickly, volunteers must complete the recruitment process before a disaster occurs to qualify for deployment. Mobilizing our roster of prepared volunteers enables us to be one of the first organizations on the scene, providing immediate care. If you are interested in joining our Humanitarian Response Roster, apply here.

What does it cost to volunteer?

Medical Teams International typically does not cover volunteer travel costs. Projected expenses may include airfare, visas, required immunizations, and supplemental travel insurance unless otherwise noted. In-country food and lodging expenses are included for certain programs. Many costs are tax deductible if you are a US resident, but we recommend talking to a tax consultant to determine specifics.

Do I have to be Christian to volunteer?

While Medical Teams International is a faith affiliated organization, we do not require shared faith among our volunteers. We are highly committed to an excellent standard of care within our clinics. We do not proselytize, and there is no condition attached to the provision of care.

Do you only use medical volunteers?

It depends. We screen and build volunteer teams to meet the needs of each unique community. Volunteer teams may provide immediate medical care, build local capacity, or equip health facilities. These require skilled teams of both medical and non-medical global health professionals. If you are a non-medical global health professional, apply here.

For more information, email [email protected].