Supporters like you had a tremendous impact on people’s lives last year, and we’re excited to share just a handful of accomplishments before the release of our full 2019 Annual Report.

Every number on this page represents a person. Someone in need of healing. Each individual and their stories bring these numbers to life and show the hope you can bring to people who are suffering.

When you read these numbers, think of Morjan, educating her refugee neighbors about critical health topics. Consider the relief Tim felt after he received urgently-needed dental care. Celebrate the miraculous recovery Kentia experienced after life-saving medicine treated her acute case of malaria.

We hope these 7 amazing facts inspire you until our full 2019 Annual Report hits the press next week.

“I’m very happy that my first baby was born under the supervision of a doctor.” – Khusida

1) 1,955,833 people entered our clinics and received the medical care they needed.

Khusida was trying to give birth a home—a common practice in her community of refugees. However, the pain was so intense that Khusida finally decided to go to a nearby Medical Teams facility. If Khusida had tried to deliver at home, it could have cost her life and the life of her baby girl. After a safe delivery, Khusida is on a mission to encourage other women in her community to deliver at a Medical Teams clinic—a place where she felt loved, safe and cared for.

Clinic consultations help refugees and internally displaced people like Khusida. Assisting with childbirth. Screening for disease. Caring for the injured. You provide loving care to prevent and treat deadly illnesses. Because of you, families are spared more suffering and loss. Because every person matters.

2) $39.5 million worth of medical supplies were shipped to 11 countries.

If a hospital doesn’t have IV supplies or a surgeon doesn’t have sterile equipment, lives are put at risk. Your support helps fill this gap by shipping medical supplies that keep people healthy. With the help of an enormous team of volunteers, donated medical supplies are sorted, packed and shipped to places where need is greatest. Not only were over 1,500 pallets of medicines and supplies shipped to 11 countries last year, but 76 U.S. social service agencies received hygiene and medical supplies for our local neighbors in crisis.

A faithful volunteer packs supplies for shipment from the Medical Teams International headquarters.

3) 13,905 Disaster Health Kits were sent to the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian.

Every minute matters after a disaster strikes. As the devastating impact of Hurricane Dorian became clear, generous supporters like you were ready to help. By covering the cost of shipping, supporters swiftly sent Disaster Health Kits to survivors in desperate need of the very basics for survival. With contents like antiseptic wipes, soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste, Disaster Health Kits reduced the spread of disease to people who lost everything, bringing them comfort, dignity and health.

4) 511,044 children in Uganda were screened for malnutrition.

Malnutrition can be more than a simple lack of fooddiarrhea from unclean drinking water, parasites depleting essential nutrients, and other underlying health causes can contribute to insufficient nutrition. Whether the solution is to treat an illness or provide emergency foods for nutrition, health screening and growth monitoring saves the lives of children by alerting caretakers and helping them take the right course of action.

mother child refugee tanzania
Suzanne is thankful for the mosquito nets that keep her children safe from deadly malaria.

5) 19,200 mosquito nets were distributed in Tanzania to protect children from malaria.

Imagine living in a mud-brick home in a refugee camp surrounded by swampy fieldsa breeding ground for mosquitoes carrying deadly malaria. This is reality for mothers, like Suzanne, trying to keep their children healthy. With a new mosquito net to replace her old, torn net, Suzanne is better equipped to protect her baby from malaria. We are working tirelessly to keep shelves stocked and the local staff equipped with the tools to fight this deadly disease. Your support helps assure that mothers like Suzanne can finally have confidence that their babies will receive the life-saving treatment they need to survive preventable illness like malaria.

Patients around the Pacific Northwest receive free dental care aboard our Mobile Dental vans.

6) 13,813 people received $6.2 million worth of free dental care on board our Mobile Dental vans.

Across the Pacific Northwest, tooth pain affects many people on a daily basis. Cost and access prevent many of them from going to a dentist. They must put off urgent dental treatment and live with excruciating pain. When a Medical Teams Mobile Dental Van pulls up, all that can change.

Volunteers are the backbone of the Mobile Dental program. Dental hygienists and dentists comprise our team, donating their time and expertise to help community members in need. When a Mobile Dental patient receives care and relief, it becomes easy to smile.

7) 4.2 million people in crisis received health care in 17 countries.

Because of our faithful donors, partners and front-line teams, 4.2 million people in 17 countries were given loving and life-saving care. From mothers experiencing safe childbirth to veterans receiving urgent dental care. Medical supplies were shipped to hard-to-reach places. Refugees became empowered to advocate health for their community. Families vulnerable to malaria received life-saving mosquito nets. Without medicine, supplies and help from medical professionals, staying healthy can be an enormous challenge. When health is restored, hope can be restored. Thankfully, 4.2 million people now have hope for a healthier future.

Thank you for supporting life changing work in 2019. You can make an impact in 2020 with a gift today.