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What Are Dental Care Deserts?

We are concerned about the thousands of people who are without dental insurance who can’t afford this life-saving care. Imagine having to travel multiple hours just to see a dentist, and then not being able to afford it. We are in a dental care crisis where the need is greater than the ability to fulfill it.

Serving the Local Community With Mobile Dental Vans

Mobile Dental volunteers and patients represent the amazing work taking place right now in our own backyard. Here are two stories that demonstrate how strong our local communities are.

Mobile Dental Creates Lasting Smiles

As 2018 came to a close, two stories show how a few dentists volunteering their time, a fully-equipped mobile clinic and a lot of heart can make life-changing impacts on people’s lives.

Helping the Vulnerable in our Own Communities

For some, dental care is an expensive luxury. Unable to pay for care, they might endure dental pain for months or even years…

American Veteran: “This is my dental plan.”

“This is my dental plan. Without it, I’d have lost four teeth.”

Jose’s Path to Health Includes Mobile Dental Clinic

It hurts “like hell, like I lost my jaw.”

Tracy Feels Healthier Down the Road

“Thank you for having these vans available for the people who need it.”

Tina’s Story of Hope in the Midst of Dental Pain

“I hang out with the pain as long as I can take it.”

To Tell the Tooth: A First-Time Dental Visit

Nine-year-old Amelia eased into a reclining position on the dental chair. As she did, she acknowledged, “This is my first time to the dentist.”