Who we serve in Ukraine

The conflict in Ukraine has forced millions of people to make the difficult decision to leave home. Our work is to meet the needs of the 5 million people within Ukraine who need support.

Many of the people we serve have shared stories about their terrifying experiences during the conflict. One mother described hiding for months in her basement with her 3 children after her city was occupied. Another woman explained that she didn’t want to leave home, but after her husband joined the army and bombs started falling near her house, she felt she had no choice.

The need for mental health care and psychosocial support is extremely high. People are reeling from the shock of loss and experiencing long-term mental distress from the conflict.

What’s happening in Ukraine

In early 2022, Russian forces invaded eastern Ukraine. Since then, the two countries have been locked in brutal, ongoing conflict.

Millions of people have been affected by the violence. At least 5 million people have left Ukraine and moved to other countries in Europe. Another 5 million people have left conflict-affected regions of Ukraine and moved to safer regions within the country.

Travel is very difficult in and out of Ukraine. Some regions are safer than others, but no part of the country has been unaffected by the conflict. We are working closely with Ukrainians to meet the needs of their neighbors.

Our team in Ukraine

Our team in Ukraine consists of more than 24 team members serving in more than 20 villages across 3 regions in Ukraine. Most of our full-time staff are from Ukraine. About 50% of our team are local volunteers, largely from the communities we serve. Working alongside Ukrainians has helped us learn from and adapt our response to the real needs of these communities.

Note: The numbers and statistics reflected on this page were collected from October 2021 – September 2022.