Note: Medical Teams International is no longer operating in Nepal.

On April 26, 2015, the ground in Nepal rumbled with a 7.8-magnitude earthquake. We immediately went into action, deploying teams of volunteer medical professionals to treat survivors. After the immediate danger had passed, the needs remained high. Emergency care was lacking. Out of every 19 children, one wasn’t living past the age of five. So we stayed in the country, working to improve health services.

Emergency Medical Services

We were on the cutting edge in Nepal, trailblazing the first fully-integrated Emergency Medical Services. We established a self-sustaining ambulance business. We also identified and trained rural medical responders who could stabilize critical patients in rural areas.

Caring for Mothers and Children

With your support, we empowered mothers to care for their children so they would not become another statistic. We taught mothers how to identify malnutrition and prepare nutritious meals for their children. We trained families on how to reduce illness through basic hygiene practices. We also encouraged mothers to band together, to learn from and help each other in times of need.

In 2018, we transitioned out of Nepal. Now, people in Nepal have someone to call in case of emergency. There are trained and equipped First Responders. Mothers are confidently caring for their families. Children are living past the age of five. For many families, there is hope for a better future.

Give Help Where Needed Most