Training locals in Emergency Medical Services and improving the health of mothers and children.

A Neglected Health System

Years of “closure” and civil war has hurt Myanmar’s development. With a long-neglected health system, many people lack access to medical care. Mothers and children and people who need emergency medical care are especially vulnerable.

Mothers and children die at an alarming rate in Myanmar. There is a lack of information and treatment for basic health needs. Children suffer from malnutrition, diarrhea, and malaria. Pregnant women do not get prenatal care and they deliver their babies at home.

Injury and death from road accidents is also high. Until 2012, there were hardly any ambulances in the country. In recent years, an ambulance system started to develop in urban areas. But most of the ambulances were not equipped with supplies. Many were staffed with only one person, the driver.

Restoring Health for the Most Vulnerable

With your help, our work in Myanmar focuses on caring for mothers and children in remote villages. With basic training, community volunteers can vastly improve health within their own communities. These volunteers learn how to diagnose and prevent malaria, diarrhea, and respiratory infections. They learn about keeping children healthy with good nutrition. Then they pass this information along to their neighbors. Your support also provides training to midwives, so more mothers and babies survive childbirth.

We’re working hard to improve emergency services so the sick and injured can get immediate care. With your help, we provided EMS training to professionals who will then replicate the class for others. We’re confident and thankful that this life-saving knowledge will be passed on long after we’re gone.

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