Improving the health of mothers and children in rural, underserved areas.

Poor Health in Rural Communities

Over half of Guatemala’s population lives in poverty. Women and children bear the brunt of the suffering. Many have no access to medical care – an especially terrifying idea when a global pandemic hits. They lack clean water and basic health knowledge. You play a major role in improving their health.

Improving the Health of Mothers and Children

Through your support, our teams in Guatemala train community volunteers. These volunteers then pass along their knowledge to their communities. They encourage pregnant women to seek prenatal and postnatal care. They teach about the danger signs to look for after giving birth. They describe the importance of breastfeeding and washing hands. They teach about symptoms of infectious diseases and when to seek care.

Community members, with the support of international volunteers, strive to improve health in rural Guatemala by building latrines and water systems. These interventions may be basic, but they are life-saving.

We are proud to partner with Providence Saint Joseph Health to serve women and children in Guatemala.

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