UPDATE: A series of massive earthquakes and aftershocks hit southern Turkey and northern Syria on February 6, 2023. The initial earthquake, with a 7.8 magnitude, caused mass destruction collapsing buildings and injuring and killing tens of thousands of citizens across both countries. Medical Teams is working with partners to respond and provide care for those affected. You can help send aid today.

The Syria refugee crisis is the result of civil war in Syria that began in March 2011. Families have lost livelihoods. Babies have lost parents. Children have lost dreams. Inside Syria, conflict has displaced thousands of families into northern parts of the country. On top of that, health facilities are routinely targeted and bombed.

Medical Teams and the Syria refugee crisis

We have since transitioned out of Syria; however, when we were there, support from donors like you helped keep medical clinics open. These clinics provided urgent care to hundreds of patients every day. With help from donors, Syrian doctors and nurses were paid for their dangerous and life-saving work so that they, too, could survive and stay in a region that so desperately needed them. You also helped fund operating costs like fuel for generators, so clinics could have electricity.

We helped mitigate the Syria refugee crisis through our partnership with International Blue Crescent. Together, we sent regular shipments of critically-needed medical supplies to clinics every month. Without these basic supplies — things like surgical tools and IV supplies — more people would have died.

In addition, we previously served Syrians who crossed the border into neighboring countries. Learn more about our former program for supporting the Syrian refugee crisis in Lebanon and Turkey.