Kept health clinics in conflict areas open and stocked with medical supplies.

Civil war began in Syria in March 2011 and has been unrelenting. Families have lost livelihoods. Babies have lost parents. Children have lost dreams. Over the course of the war, we’ve been committed to the people of Syria — whether displaced within their country or as refugees outside it — along their journey to safety and healing.

More Displaced with Fewer Options

Inside Syria, conflict has pushed masses of displaced families into northern parts of the country. On top of that, health facilities are routinely targeted and bombed — only about half of them have been left unscathed. The injured, sick, and traumatized need urgent medical care. Pregnant women, young children, and the elderly are especially vulnerable.

As the war continues, it’s harder and harder to find medical care in the hardest-hit places.

Kept Clinics Open in Northern Syria

While some organizations were leaving the region, we went in. Your support kept medical clinics open in northern Syria. These clinics provided urgent care to hundreds of patients every day. With your help, Syrian doctors and nurses were paid for their dangerous and life-saving work so that they, too, could survive and stay in a region that so desperately needed them. You also helped fund operating costs like fuel for generators, so clinics could have electricity.

Through our partnership with International Blue Crescent, we sent regular shipments of critically-needed medical supplies to clinics every month. Without these basic supplies — things like surgical tools and IV supplies — more people would have died.

Help for Syrian Refugees

You can continue supporting Syrians who have suffered from the trauma of war. We currently serve refugees who have crossed the border to Lebanon.

Syrian Refugees in Lebanon
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