Violence has forced millions from their homes in Syria. In a war that’s taken hundreds of thousands of lives and forced millions from their homes, traumatized refugees are desperate for medical care and support.

Did you know? Over 50% of Syrian refugees are children. One way you can help: get informed and be a voice for those in need during this crisis.

Many families who’ve escaped the bloody war face a dangerous decision: struggle to survive in refugee camps or settlements, or risk their lives on the tough journey across Europe in search of safe, new lives.

Syrians need our help, and YOU are making a positive impact on families in desperate need.

Right now, volunteers are packing thousands of donated refugee kits that will help families on harrowing journeys stay safe and healthy. Volunteer and staff doctors are providing urgently-needed medical and dental care for children in refugee settlements in Lebanon. Mothers are receiving support to keep their infants safe on long journeys with nothing but the few clothes and supplies they can carry on their backs.

However, the need continues to grow. In some places, local infrastructure is straining under growing, desperate needs. Without our support, the refugee situation has the potential of destabilizing entire regions and countries.

Get informed and be a voice for those in need.

Here are a few quick facts about this crisis :

  • More than 4.5 million Syrians have been registered as refugees. This number continues to rise.
  • Over 50% of Syrian refugees are children.
  • The bloody Syrian civil war has lasted more than 4.5 years. It started as peaceful anti-government protests. The government reacted violently, and rebels began fighting back in response.
  • 4,500 refugees have died trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea. 
  • In one month, you provided care & supplies for thousands of Syrian refugees in 32 settlements in Bekaa Valley, Lebanon.

You support is urgently needed. Save a life, Donate Now.