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After Years of Despair, A Syrian Woman Finds Her Purpose

Shaza is a young Syrian woman. Seven years ago, her life turned upside down. War destroyed her home and extinguished her dreams. As we sit inside a tent in a refugee settlement in Lebanon, I’m instantly drawn to her quiet…

Storms Impact Refugees in Lebanon

Imagine being a refugee. After escaping certain death in your home country, leaving behind everything including your identity, you now live in a ramshackle shanty with few rights. Years pass. You settle into a routine, holding tightly to the dream…

Rasha Brings Hope to Her Settlement

“Mom, we’re dying – we’re dying, mom!”

All she could do was stand stone-footed, unable to move.

You Matter

She ran from her burning village in Myanmar, carrying her only son…

A Grim Anniversary for the People of Syria

Patients trapped within the borders of Syria urgently need medical supplies and support. Through a partnership with International Blue Crescent Relief and Development Foundation, Medical Teams International provides shipments of much-needed medicine and medical supplies to facilities providing care within Syria.

Remembering that Jesus was a Refugee

Her family fled Syria when the children were no longer safe. Now, Kareena picks potatoes in the mud for just over a dollar a day…

What can the Total Solar Eclipse Teach us About Refugees?

Sadly, the average stay of a refugee worldwide is 17 years. In Lebanon, there is no end in sight.

For Oregon, the good news is the one million visitors will leave to go back home.

Sending Medicines when Hospitals are Gone.

The injured are left without medicines or supplies, and many who flee to safer places face impossibly expensive or nonexistent medical care…

Shining a Spotlight on Refugee Outreach Volunteers

“Hope to go back to Syria is the only thing that we live for.”

A New Role in an Uncertain World

In Syria, Noufa was only a year from graduating high school. More than two years later, Noufa still longs for an education…