You’ve seen the destruction on the news. Millions of Syrians–entire cities full of children, parents, and grandparents–are caught in heartbreaking conflict. It’s not only their homes that are gone–more than half of Syria’s hospitals have been damaged or destroyed. The injured are left without medicines or supplies, and many who flee to safer places face impossibly expensive or nonexistent medical care.

That’s why we must act to heal them.

People in some of the worst-hit parts of Syria are now receiving medical supplies, thanks to a partnership with International Blue Crescent. Each delivery brings medicines and supplies to the injured and sick who might otherwise go without–children battling illness, pregnant women who need a safe place to deliver, elderly people who need medicine.

A shipment of medical supplies arrives in Syria through our partner, International Blue Crescent (IBC)

A shipment of medical supplies arrives in Syria through our partner, International Blue Crescent (IBC). Right now, we have more shipments on their way to Syria and Lebanon.

In Lebanon, our teams are training Syrian refugees as Community Health Workers. Equipped with the right knowledge and tools, women like Rasha serve as advocates for their neighbors, families, and friends. This means more people stay healthy, and passionate volunteers get medical training that can be used for years to come. For a child facing stress-induced diabetes, this training can save his or her life.

Amal and Abir, a mother and daughter, holding hands inside their tent in the Syrian refugee settlement

Amal and Abir, mother (left) and daughter. Abir became withdrawn and tired after arriving in the refugee settlement. Soon diagnosed with stress-induced diabetes, our teams check in on her regularly and provide alternatives to insulin, which is too expensive for many refugees to purchase.

The violence and heartache can feel overwhelming. But there is hope. As dedicated volunteers pack donated medical supplies, fearless international partners like IBC reach dangerous places, and generous donors support this important work, lives are being saved.

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