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In This Together: Field of Dreams Corporate Sponsors Mobilize During COVID-19

If there is one bright spot during the COVID-19 global pandemic, it’s the way we’ve seen the world come together. Individuals, governments, non-profits and corporations are working toward a singular goal: stopping the spread of this deadly disease.

Three Reasons Medical Supplies Save Lives in Guatemala

In Guatemala, where the most vulnerable people bear the highest burden for health care, medical supplies mean the difference between life and death. Read three reasons why.

Providence St. Joseph Health Partnership Continues in Guatemala

Medical Teams International is extending a multi-year partnership with Providence St. Joseph Health to continue serving remote communities in Guatemala.

Three Years, Two Teams, One Boy

In Daniel, we see a transformation that will last a lifetime. And for the communities in which we partner to bring health in Guatemala, lives change every day.

Sending Medicines when Hospitals are Gone.

The injured are left without medicines or supplies, and many who flee to safer places face impossibly expensive or nonexistent medical care…

Medical Shipment Arrives to War-Torn Clinics in Syria

Great news: Our shipment of urgently-needed medical supplies just made its way to Syria!

Reflections and Updates on our Partnership with Cambia

Last November, we followed Cambia employees Ivan Lebed and Cathi Row as they traveled to Uganda with Medical Teams to implement an Android app for medical records and patient data…

Widespread Violence in South Sudan Forces People to Flee

Today, just five years after the glimmering hope of the country’s independence, South Sudan’s situation grows critical as violence and conflict sweep the nation. Some of the worst crimes are being committed against those that are most vulnerable. Political conflict…

Shipment Welcomed by First Lady of Guatemala

Speaking to a throng of onlookers in Uspantán, Guatemala, the country’s First Lady Patricia Marroquin de Morales highlighted the urgent importance of medical supplies in rural Guatemala. They change lives. Morales, wife of newly elected Guatemalan president Jimmy Morales, was on hand…