Speaking to a throng of onlookers in Uspantán, Guatemala, the country’s First Lady Patricia Marroquin de Morales highlighted the urgent importance of medical supplies in rural Guatemala.

They change lives.

Morales, wife of newly elected Guatemalan president Jimmy Morales, was on hand April 28 to recognize the arrival of a new shipment of medical supplies. The contents of the 40-foot container will be dispersed among the health service facilities of this rugged and rural part of Guatemala and be used directly in the care of more than 65,000 people.


Patricia Marroquin de Morales, the First Lady of Guatemala, speaks about Medical Teams shipments of medical supplies

The First Lady of Guatemala, Patricia Marroquin de Morales, speaks about the importance of Medical Teams International’s shipment of medical supplies to the community of Uspantán.

Your prayers and generous financial support will make the desperately needed dispersal of these medical supplies possible in Guatemala.

Guatemala is undergoing a health care crisis.

Señora Morales’ presence underscored both the importance of the occasion and the heartfelt appreciation Guatemalans feel for your support. Roughly 70 percent of the people in this community live in poverty. Nonetheless, these people of limited means are expected to bring their own medical supplies to local clinics when they seek treatment.

Clinics simply don’t have enough supplies.

Right now, Guatemala is undergoing a health care crisis. The national health care system is unable to afford to keep rural facilities fully stocked of medical supplies. The country’s most vulnerable patients are bearing the brunt of this crisis.

This shipment will go a long way toward easing the burden. It contained catheters, syringes, surgical packs, disposable gloves, a nebulizer and other essential items.

People of limited means are expected to bring their own medical supplies… clinics simply don’t have enough supplies.

Dr. Mario Petz, director of the national Hospital of Uspantán, said he greatly appreciated the donation and will make good use of the equipment.

“I am extremely grateful to Medical Teams for this support provided to the National Hospital of Uspantán and centers of the municipality of Uspantán,” he said. “We are very pleased by the alliance that we have with them. The people who come to the hospital and health centers will be the direct beneficiaries of this donation”


Health workers smiling behind the equipment donated to the health services of Uspantán, Guatemala

Equipment donated to the health services of Uspantán, Guatemala.

These critical shipments are only made possible through the support of partners and volunteers around the world. A special thanks to Providence Health & Services for donating part of this shipment and their continued support of our programs in Guatemala. Also, from the bottom of our heart– thank YOU for your continued support and compassion for those in need around the world.

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