Provided mental health care for traumatized Syrian refugees.

Turkey hosts the most Syrian refugees of any country — more than 3.4 million have fled across the border in search of safety from ongoing war. They’ve endured unimaginable horrors — their homes bombed, loved ones killed, communities destroyed. Given this trauma, it’s no surprise that one in five Syrians is estimated to have some form of mild to moderate psychological disorder. Mental health care is a critical, yet underserved, need for Syrian refugees in Turkey.

Mental Health for Trauma Survivors

For Syrian refugees, access to essential health services in Turkey is hindered due to many factors:  lack of personal registration, language and cultural barriers, and financial constraints. And as a result of the massive influx of refugees, medical facilities along the border of Syria are stretched dangerously thin. One of the most pressing needs is for mental health care services. Many families have experienced extreme trauma escaping violence in Syria.

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