Note: Medical Teams International is no longer operating in Haiti.

UPDATE: On Saturday, August 14, 2021, a 7.2-magnitude earthquake hit Haiti. In partnership with several organizations on the ground, we provided food, water and hygiene kits to people affected by the earthquake.

Haiti ranks among the poorest countries in the world. Natural disasters and disease outbreaks have wreaked havoc on Haitians.

We Helped in Times of Crisis 

A mother and baby receive medical care after the earthquake in Haiti 2010

In 2010, a devastating earthquake rumbled through Haiti. We were on the ground even before the earthquake hit and remained to bring healing far beyond the initial disaster response. Widespread public health threats followed in the wake of the massive earthquake, and threatened to kill countless more people.

Indeed, a cholera epidemic spread across Haiti less than a year after the earthquake. Cholera and diarrheal diseases were recurring threats for children under five. Healthy pregnancies and safe births were rare. Mothers were likely to give birth on a dirt floor, without basic medical supplies.

Because we had already established programs in Haiti, we were there to help again when Hurricane Matthew hit in 2016. We delivered life-saving relief items to 8,500 people. We also focused on preventing the outbreak of deadly diseases like cholera.

Arniquet medical treatment after Hurricane Matthew in 2016, HaitiWe Improved Health

In 2012, we were invited by the health district to improve the health of people living in the remote community of Crochu. Poor roads make this part of Haiti very difficult to access.

Building on the strong commitment of the people of Crochu to improve the health of their community, we built a program to prevent and treat cholera and reduce deaths in mothers and children.

We trained community members on safe water practices. We vaccinated children so their lives would not be cut short by preventable diseases. We provided education on maternal health – like the importance of spacing out pregnancies and breastfeeding. We trained birth attendants so mothers would not give birth alone.

We completed our work in Haiti in 2018 and handed over all maternal and child health activities to the capable community of Crochu.

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