From helping stop Ebola in its tracks to improving local medical care and restoring faith in health facilities.

Even before the Ebola epidemic ravaged Liberia in 2014, the country’s health system faced serious challenges. Liberians mistrusted health facilities and believed them to be weak. After the Ebola crisis it was much worse — people saw health facilities as places where family and friends went to die.

Our work in Liberia did not begin or end with the Ebola outbreak. We’ve been in the country since 2003, implementing programs to address emergency health care, early childhood survival, and community-based maternal and child health, among many others. Our goal in Liberia is to increase access to quality maternal, newborn, and child health services among hard-to-reach communities.

Stopping the Spread of the Ebola Virus

When the Ebola outbreak spread across Liberia, supporters like you gave generously in an effort to contain it. You enabled us to work with communities to find innovative ways to stop the spread of disease. The hard-fought mission to contain the Ebola virus is the foundation of our current work in Liberia.

Together, since the outbreak, we’ve worked to reduce the chance of another catastrophic epidemic. Your support has trained doctors and equipped clinics. You’ve helped rebuild trust in health services.

Meeting the Urgent Needs of Mothers and Babies

We work with communities in Liberia to identify their most urgent needs. In one community, we learned that one of their most pressing needs was to have a place near the clinic for pregnant mothers to stay just before and just after giving birth. Previously, women in labor had to walk up to five hours through the jungle to reach clinics. Your support helped provide construction materials so the community could build “waiting mothers homes” to encourage women to give birth at the clinic.

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