We recently received a story about three Syrian refugee children who obtained much-needed dental care thanks to your support and kind donations.

Eleven-year-old Aya, 7-year-old Alla and 10-year-old Abdullah have been refugees in Lebanon for the past three years. Their previous lives in Syria are all but distant memories. Just a week after they left their house during the early days of the conflict in Syria, it was bombed to the ground.

None of the kids has gone to school in years. None has received dental care, or oral hygiene education, either. The siblings have a sister who is severely disabled, and the family has spent all of its financial resources caring for her. There’s only so much to go around. The family hopes to resettle soon, but that effort will take time.

Your donations are making a difference. You can see it on the smiles spread across the kids’ faces.

At a dental clinic at one of the settlements, the three siblings got the care they needed. Aya and Alla received fillings, while Abdullah had a tooth pulled. In addition to the dental care, they received tooth brushes and toothpaste from Medical Teams International. The children are using them “three times a day!” they exclaimed.

Before seeing the dentist, Aya said she was not able to eat. Abdullah said it was extremely painful to eat, especially when he ate sweets. With a big, sly smile, Abdullah admitted to liking cookies, ice cream and chocolate.

Now he knows these are occasional foods – not meal replacements. And he should always drink a lot of water and brush his teeth. After seeing a dentist, the kids said they no longer have pain in their mouths. They’ve even become health advocates in their own right, telling their friends how important it is to brush their teeth.

These wonderful smiles are the results of your willingness to come along side and help the world’s most vulnerable populations. Thank you so much! The lives of thousands of Syrian refugees are improved because of your donations.

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