Syrian Refugees in Greece

Seeking asylum and safety in Europe, thousands of refugees became stranded in Greece in 2015 and 2016. Struggling from its own economic crisis, Greece lacked the necessary infrastructure, services and personnel support to meet the growing needs. Overcrowded camps were at risk of dangerous outbreaks, and many refugees had little to no access to health care. In response to the sudden, urgent need after the initial influxes, our teams' work in Greece focused on providing care, tools and resources for refugees with nowhere else to turn.

Situation: Greece

There were over 57,000 refugees or others in similar situations (stateless people, "persons of concern," etc.) in Greece in mid-2016. Still reeling from recent economic crisis, Greece struggled to meet even the most basic needs. Our medical teams focused on providing care for families with nowhere else to turn.

Project Goals

  • Send medical & dental teams to meet urgent and chronic medical needs of refugee families.
  • Improve hygiene conditions for women and babies temporarily living on the three Greek Islands of Chios, Samos and Kos
  • Improve health and living conditions for refugees living on the Islands through medical and essential supplies

Program Offerings

  • Prevent and reduce the impact of disease on children, women, and men in the settlements.
  • Support in-country partners, personnel, logistics, medicines, and trainings.
  • Provide services to monitor and prevent epidemic outbreaks of cholera, AWD (acute watery diarrhea), TB and measles in the settlements.


  • Apostoli
  • IOCC
  • WAHA
Thousands of Syrian refugees risked their lives to find safety in Europe.

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