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Ebola Epidemic


Spring of 2014 marked the beginning of the largest outbreak of Ebola that the world had ever seen. The deadly virus ravaged West Africa. By fall, the death toll in Liberia was over 2,500 and growing every day. Community misconceptions about Ebola as well as Liberia's already weak health system caused the virus to spread out of control and beyond the Liberian Ministry of Health and Social Welfare's ability to address it.

MTI Response

MTI has operated community health programs in Liberia for over a decade, working with a vast network of clinics as part of our health systems strengthening projects. At the outset of the outbreak, MTI's Liberian field staff and teams mobilized to fight Ebola. Throughout the crisis, MTI implemented community education programs, which were seen by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Liberian Ministry of Health (MoH) as the most effective way to fight Ebola. The MoH, the CDC, the WHO, and other NGOs requested MTI's expertise to help contain the deadly virus, and MTI soon took on a leadership role among NGOs in Liberia.  
Infection Prevention and Control at a clinic in Liberia.

Thank You

Today, while officials have not yet declared the country Ebola-free, there are no new cases in Liberia, and it has been over 21 days since the last positive case. The country is watchful and hopeful that soon Liberia can be declared “Ebola free.” Your generous donations helped make this possible!  Your gifts provided training of health workers, implemented infection control at clinics, and shipped desperately-needed supplies and protective gear. You saved lives during deadliest Ebola epidemic the world has ever seen. Thank you for your compassion and prayers.

What's Next?

The virus is still active in neighboring countries, and MTI and other NGOs are transitioning into a recovery phase to strengthen capacity and scale up infection prevention and control protocols.

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