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As the Ebola outbreak ravaged Liberia in 2014, our teams opened their hearts and moved their feet to contain the epidemic. But Medical Teams' work in Liberia did not end–nor did it begin–with Ebola.

Medical Teams International has worked in Liberia since 2003, implementing programs to improve emergency health care, early childhood survival, and community-based maternal and child health.

The hard-fought mission to contain the deadly Ebola outbreak–and to ensure the risk of future outbreaks is minimal–serves as the foundation for Medical Teams' work in Liberia moving forward. We work in several Liberian communities, training medical workers and providing communities with the tools they need to strengthen health systems.


Medical Teams is dedicated to building resiliency in a country of limited financial capacity. Our goal is to increase access to quality maternal, newborn, and child health services among hard-to-reach communities. We accomplish with a comprehensive approach: 

  • Improve the health care of vulnerable people 
  • Bolster the performance of health care workers through training programs and peer support groups
  • Increase the number of pregnant women who use health facilities
  • Strengthen the capacities and skills of the Ministry of Health, including county and district health teams
In Sinoe County, 85% of children under five have contracted malaria (2010).

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