Indra and her grandson Saurav live in Chainpur, a rural village in the Dhading District of Nepal– an area that was at the epicenter of the 7.8-magnitude earthquake that hit the country in 2015. The area is still recovering from the quake, which left thousands of vulnerable people homeless, exposed to the elements, and without access to clean water or hygiene supplies.


Indra and her grandson Saurav, crouching on the ground in Chainpur holding hygiene kits they distribute to their community

Indra and Saurav are slowly putting their lives back together. But, they wanted to do more — they wanted to help others in their community, too. Together, the two worked to distribute hygiene kits throughout their community.

Indra, along with her fellow community members, has received special training about staying healthy as her country rebuilds from the earthquake. Thanks to this training, she recognizes the importance of the good hygiene. For Indra, helping her community heal has a personal connection: she became a widow when her husband died during the quake. Despite this tragedy, she’s worked hard to serve as an inspiration and a catalyst to bring health to her community using tools and training from our teams.


A little girl from the Chainpur community, looking into the camera smiling and covered in dirt

She’s grateful for the kits that our teams distribute in her community to help women like Indra and their children stay healthy. Despite immense loss, she’s an inspiring example of human resilience, and we’re honored to serve women like her around the world. Thank you for helping Indra, her grandson, and her community achieve safer, healthier lives!

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