March 8th is International Women’s Day. Take a moment to read stories from some of the incredible women we’ve met who are working hard to bring better healthier & safer lives to their families and communities. Around the world, you are helping women get access to the tools, education and resources they need to change their health. Together, we’re changing health around the world!

Miriam, Syrian refugee in Lebanon

Having witnessed unspeakable trauma, Mariam wants to help others. She’s now one of 500 Refugee Outreach Volunteers trained by Medical Teams International to help sick and vulnerable refugees connect with primary health care clinics. Learn more about how she is helping to save and improve her fellow refugees’ lives >>

Jocelyne, Haiti

Like too many women in rural Haiti, Jocelyne gave birth at home without the help of a trained birth attendant. After one child died in labor, the other’s life was at risk from malnutrition. Find out how you gave Jocelyne the tools to protect her child and seek safer medical care in the future >>

Jocelyne, a resident in Haiti, smiling with her baby that was at risk from malnutrition

Sak, Cambodia

After her daughter fell ill, Sak felt powerless. She had no idea why her daughter had become ill in the first place, and couldn’t afford the care she needed if it happened again. Find out how you empowered Sak with tools that will keep her and her family safe for years to come >>

Massa, Liberia

Pregnant and mother of two, Massa had walked five hours to the clinic to receive an antenatal check up. Now a member of our Quality Improvement team, Massa has a vision of safer and better solutions for women like herself. Find out how women like Massa are changing health in Liberia >>


Massa, a resident in Liberia, posed outside the medical clinic where she is now a member of the quality improvement team

Janet, Haiti

Twice before storms toppled the small church in St. Jean. Twice before, she helped to rebuild it. Now 84, Janet, vowed she would re-build it again. Read about Janet and how she helped her community after Hurricane Matthew >>

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