Thanksgiving is a time of bounty, a special day when friends and family come together in gratitude for all that we have. But we also live in a broken world. More people than ever before have been forced to leave home by violence, or don’t have enough to eat. The heartbreaking conflict in Ukraine and Israel and Palestine are impossible to ignore. At Medical Teams, we’re keenly aware that, as we gather around our tables together on Thanksgiving, millions of people are in need. So Joe DiCarlo, our Global Spiritual Ambassador, wrote 3 prayers for Thanksgiving that keep in mind our neighbors who are hurting.

Whether you’re sitting down for a turkey dinner with family, or just need a minute to ground yourself in the middle of a busy season, these prayers remind us that we are immeasurably blessed.

You can print out these prayers for Thanksgiving here to have them at hand during your dinner or day.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Prayers for Thanksgiving

A prayer for peace

As we gather together with family and friends in a home that is warm and safe,
let us be mindful of the more than 117 million displaced people in our world
who had to flee their homes seeking safety.
We pray for peace in places like Sudan, Ethiopia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Ukraine
so that people can return to safety and security;
so they can return home.
Lord, hear our prayer.

A prayer for nourishment

As we enjoy an abundant Thanksgiving dinner, we pray for the people in our world
who do not have access to enough food.
Grain production and exports disrupted by war, extreme weather leading to crop damage,
and rising costs of fuel and fertilizer have made access to food more difficult, increasing food-insecurity.
We pray for the world to come together to ensure everyone has access to reliable, healthy food.
Lord, hear our prayer.

A prayer for service

In a world with so much need, on this Thanksgiving Day,
let us remember those who are less fortunate than ourselves
and think about actions we can take to be part of the solution.
May we be willing to serve our neighbors here at home and around the world.

Take these prayers for Thanksgiving with you

Two siblings play outside of Uganda, prayers for Thanksgiving help us remember others in a season of bounty
Two Ugandan siblings play outside of a nutrition clinic in Uganda. You can keep them in your prayers this season and always.

Taking a moment to pause, reflect, and remember others during this busy season is part of how we hear God’s call to care for ourselves and all His people. Gratitude, praise, and prayer are powerful forces!

Take these prayers for Thanksgiving with you by printing them. Take a moment, with yourself or others, to pray for peace, nourishment, and service on Thanksgiving and throughout the busy holiday season.

Print these Prayers for Thanksgiving here.