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How Amina Escaped the Slaughter

Anima’s voice shook as she began to cry, “I remember seeing those 18 men dead, and all I wanted to do was leave.” Read one Rohingya refugee family’s account of fleeing their homeland.

Water on the Rooftops

“It was little more than a water-filled pit, an open-air cistern exposed to filth and wild animals. But this was Juana and Florencio’s only source of water in the rural highlands of Guatemala.”

Sustainable Energy, Sustainable Giving

When the wind whips the wheat on Millie Moore-Voll’s ranch, there’s electricity in the air.

This is her legacy for the world’s most vulnerable…

Rasha Brings Hope to Her Settlement

“Mom, we’re dying – we’re dying, mom!”

All she could do was stand stone-footed, unable to move.

Cambodia: Inspiring Refugees Everywhere

Cambodia will always hold a special place in our hearts. Find out why!

Haiti: Rebounding From Disasters

There’s a saying in Haitian Creole that articulates the sentiments of so many, Ou pa ka viv san espwa. Translated, it means: “You can’t live without hope.” Haitians now live with more hope because of your years of support…

Bringing Emergency Medical Care to Nepal

At 11:56 a.m., on a remote mountainside in Nepal, the ground under Chunumaya’s feet began to shake…

In Guatemala, Emergency Care Saved Cecilia’s Baby

Cecilia’s hand rested on her swollen belly. She silently pleaded to her unborn child to stay inside of her until they arrived at a hospital…

Taking a Walk in Her Shoes

Most of us don’t know what it’s like to live in a refugee camp. Learn more about the daily reality of being a refugee…

Monsoon Season Arrives in Bangladesh

When heavy rains wash over the hillsides, the earth will slip forward, destroying shelters, consuming the residents, and flooding the valleys below…