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Meet a Single Mother in Uganda Who Needs Your Help

by User Not Found | Jun 10, 2014

Fourteen-year-old Sharon and her family know to come to MTI's clinic in Pader, Uganda because of the community mobilizers. Sharon’s aunt cares for her now that her mother and father have passed away. Sharon has had Nodding Syndrome for two years but has had seizures for 5 years. Sharon falls a lot and she has the scars to prove it. Scars and scabs cover her chin, knees, and elbows from recent falls into the fire. This can happen up to 8 times a day.

Her aunt is 20 years old and a single mom of four, including Sharon. No one will marry her because they are scared they’ll catch Nodding Syndrome from Sharon. To provide for her family she farms beans, maize, and cassava. Her arms prove she’s a hard worker. Since Sharon is the eldest and unable to help much around the house (or help care for her younger siblings), it’s a great challenge.

Sharon's Aunt


Sharon's aunt is relieved when there are medications at the clinic for them. She feels helpless otherwise. “When she is hurting, I also feel her pain.”

You are critical to providing lifesaving care to young women just like Sharon and her aunt. Thank you for your donations, which help to ship $83 worth of medicine for every $1. You can directly touch the lives of people in need by donating today. Thank you.

Story by Megan Steele
Photo by Trina Chase