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Mobile Dental Success Story: Curtis

by User Not Found | Feb 28, 2014


A recent referral from his inpatient recovery program prompted 26-year-old Curtis to reach out and visit his local Mobile Dental Clinic. For much of his life, a combination of dental anxiety and lack of insurance prevented Curtis from receiving adequate oral care. Sometimes he struggles to sleep at night because the pain in his mouth is so intense. Tooth sensitivities to food and beverage temperatures have made eating meals almost intolerable. While at the Mobile Dental Clinic, a volunteer dentist reviewed and treated an excruciatingly painful cavity, which provided Curtis with hope for relief from years of pain. Now, Curtis looks forward to completing his inpatient program, finding a meaningful job, and, last but not least, getting his oral health back on track with the help of MTI’s Mobile Dental Program.

Thank you for supporting our programs and for providing relief and hope to neighbors in desperate need!