At Medical Teams, “daring to love like Jesus” is more than a phrase — it’s our calling. When people live out these words, incredible things happen. We’ve seen it firsthand, and today, we’re sharing some of the inspiring quotes we’ve heard in our work that made us smile. If you need a little extra sunshine in your day, you’re in the right place!

Let these inspiring quotes remind you of the profound difference a helping hand makes in the lives of people around the world.


“When planning to flee, most of my closest friends were concerned about if we got sick and failed to get health assistance. I knew God was with us because only Jesus controls our lives, so I told them Jesus would help.” – Akim in Tanzania

Akim lost her husband to a rebel group in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and fled to Tanzania with her children. She and her son came down with malaria but received treatment from Medical Teams the very next day.

Nadiya and her children were forced to hide in a basement during the occupation of her town. Photo by Serhii Andrushchak.

“I have a strong hope that the worst of my life is over, and ahead, I have confidence in my health and the full support of my children and family. I am so grateful to God that He sent us these people who helped my family in the most difficult moment of my life.”

–  Nadiya in Ukraine

Nadiya and her children hid in their cramped basement for months during the occupation. This led to anemia, poor vision, panic attacks, and other medical challenges. A mobile medical team arrived two days after the occupation ended, providing much-needed support for her family.

“God can still do miracles…I know God is always there with me.” – Daphine in Uganda

Daphine is a midwife who serves at a Medical Teams clinic in a refugee settlement. She believes God has answered many prayers to save mothers and babies in dire situations.

Medical Teams

“My greatest wish is that one day, she’ll follow in the footsteps of the dedicated doctors who worked tirelessly to ensure her safe arrival into this world.” –  Hadas in Ethiopia

Hadas is a refugee who had a lot of anxiety in her fourth pregnancy. She received antenatal care, education, and health counseling at a Medical Teams clinic, which eased her burden.

a nurse smiles at the camera
Solomon Ocweo is a nurse in Uganda, one of the 7 countries we work in, finds fulfillment in his role with Medical Teams. Photo by Medical Teams International.

“Whenever we get outbreaks, like Ebola and COVID-19, most people run away, but we’re always at the frontline as Medical Teams.”

– Solomon in Uganda

Solomon serves as a nurse at a Medical Teams clinic in a Ugandan refugee settlement. He has helped save the lives of many men, women, and children over the past 5 years!

“Being a volunteer has brought me closer to my neighbors, to people that feel like my family. I have felt their support toward me as well, and that has changed my life completely.” – Margri in Colombia

Margri migrated to Colombia from Venezuela in search of a better future for her children. After much hardship, she finds joy in serving as a community health volunteer.

Hope for the Future

“I feel like an artist again in a new performance.” – Lyubov in Ukraine

The war in Ukraine displaced Lyubov, a former theater actress. Medical Teams provided medical treatment and social support to her after she lost her husband, which helped ease her depression.

“I was suffering a lot, and my family was too. Life was dark, and I felt like I lost everything. Thanks to Medical Teams International, I feel alive again with hope and a bright future.”

– Birhanu in Ethiopia

Birhanu suffered a severe mental health episode and lost his job. He had locked himself in a room for days until his brother brought him to a Medical Teams clinic, where he received medicine and counseling.

Therasis struggled with complications from HIV and depression from stigma, but is hopeful again now. Photo by Suhaila Stanthon Thawer.

“I had lost hope in the midst of my critical health where there was no one to support me, and now I’m a man who enjoys living the life God has given me.” – Therasis in Tanzania

Therasis was born with HIV, leading to nutrition deficiency and depression from the stigma around the disease. He received nutrition training and counseling sessions from Medical Teams.

Inspiring quotes to brighten hard days

Working in hard-to-reach, often overlooked places to bring life-saving health care to people isn’t easy. It takes commitment, positivity, and hope. Sometimes we don’t always get the outcomes we pray for. But hearing the people we serve say things like what you’ve read today brings real hope to us on the hard days. We hope they do you too!

Joy Forney is a Marketing Specialist with Medical Teams International.