At Medical Teams, we’re always amazed by the strength of our extraordinarily compassionate community. Every day, we see how motivated people are to help bring loving, life-saving medical care to our neighbors facing crisis. In fact, we often get the question “How can I have a greater impact?” Though every circumstance is different, there’s one easy way to help even more people: monthly giving. No matter how small the amount, monthly giving matters!

Today, we’re breaking down the top reasons monthly giving matters. Read on to see how you can help power the heartbeat of Medical Teams’ work!

Power faster responses

When every headline holds more bad news and daily disasters feel like the norm, it’s important for non-profits like ours to be able agile and able to quickly act. A monthly donation is one of the things that makes a response like that possible. At a high-level, non-profit organizations budget based on estimated income — from private individual donations to institutional grants — but monthly giving changes that. When a donor chooses to give monthly, their gift becomes planned income.

It’s a reliable funding source that reduces risk, so organizations like ours can launch faster responses. Instead of waiting for donations to come in when disaster strikes, or dipping into reserves with the hope that donors make up the difference, the funding is already there.

This is especially true when disasters don’t make the news. For every well-publicized crisis, there’s a cholera outbreak or flood that doesn’t get covered. That’s also when monthly giving matters the most — it helps people get the help they need, when they need it. You make long-term care, like the kind we do around the world, for people possible.

Set it and forget it

Monthly giving helps mothers care for their children when they’re sick by making sure a doctor’s there to help. Photo by Suhaila Stanthon Thawer.

We’ve all done it: opened an email with an urgent need or call for donations, felt a moment of heartbreak, intend to respond…and then gotten distracted. It’s a terrible feeling to come back to an email after forgetting to respond, knowing that now it might be too late. Still, it’s a common experience. One of the reasons monthly giving matters is because you can set your donation and let the recurring giving platform do the rest!

Of course, an extra donation in a time of crisis won’t hurt. But monthly giving is a way to get ahead of the crisis or our best intentions. In today’s busy world, we’re bombarded with urgent needs and crowded inboxes. Cut the noise with monthly giving. You can rest a little easier knowing that every month, no matter what happens, you’re doing something good for the world.

It’s also a way to help maximize your giving within your own budget. Many people give even $5 a month, and then make additional gifts when they’re able. It might seem small, but that $60 over 12 months goes a long way! The same is true at any giving price point. You might be surprised at how much you’re able to contribute when it’s spread over a year.

Join a compassionate community

Besides the obvious — that a monthly gift really helps people! — one of the best parts of monthly giving is the community you join. Recurring givers are like an organization’s booster club. They’re dedicated to the mission, committed to the cause, and hopeful for the future because of the organization’s work. What’s more meaningful than that?

At Medical Teams, our recurring givers are the heartbeat of our work. That’s why they’re called The Pulse – day in and day out, they respond to crisis with heart. It’s a way for our core supporters to connect with a community of like-minded believers who love like Jesus and respond with heart.

There are often many benefits to recurring giving programs like ours, too. Recurring donors might have access to special events or get special insights into program work.

For example, members of The Pulse get:

  • Special stories and impact reports about the work they’re powering around the world
  • Exclusive access to events and other opportunities to connect
  • Important updates and behind-the-scenes access to Medical Teams
  • So much more!

Monthly giving matters

A doctor examines a patient in Tanzania, in part because of our extraordinary monthly givers! Photo by Suhaila Stanthon Thawer.

Essentially, monthly giving matters because it helps more people — no matter the cause, organization, or crisis. By providing a dependable income stream, reducing operational costs, and monthly giving powers faster responses and creates communities that care.

If you’d like to have an even greater impact at Medical Teams, join The Pulse! You’ll love being a part of our compassionate and committed community of supporters.

photo of Lauren Hobson


Lauren Hobson
Copywriter & Editor