Pacific NW-based nonprofit sending in people to assess the urgent situation

Portland/Seattle – September 15, 2017– Nearly three weeks into a mass exodus of Rohingya Muslims fleeing violence in the Asian nation of Myanmar, thousands are still flooding across the border daily into refugee settlements in Bangladesh, in search of help and safety. It is believed that some 400,000 Rohingya have fled the Rakhine state, with more crossing every hour.

“The refugees fleeing Myanmar are suffering from life-threatening illnesses and injuries and desperately need first aid when they cross the border into refugee camps in Bangladesh,” said Joe DiCarlo, Medical Teams’ Global Ambassador. “Their injuries include wounds from gunshots, shrapnel and more.”

Medical Teams International is deploying a team to assess how best they can provide assistance for refugees in Bangladesh. Teams of volunteers and medical professionals along with medical supplies can be mobilized on a moment’s notice to help where it is needed either by Medical Teams or its partners on the ground in Bangladesh.

Medical Teams International is accepting donations now that will be used to help fund this effort. Donations can be made at

NOTE: If you would like to interview Joe DiCarlo, Medical Teams International’s global ambassador, about the response to Myanmar, please contact Morrena Villanueva at (425) 898-2700 or [email protected] or Lee Keller at (206) 799-3805 or [email protected].