It’s the most wonderful time of the year again: see our top photos of 2022! This is our favorite time to invite you in to celebrate and reflect on all we have accomplished together in the past year.

The year marks both bittersweet ends and bright new beginnings. So why wait? Let’s dive right in. Without further ado, join us for our 2022 top photos year-in-review as we celebrate the year behind and the one to come.

1) Mobile health care in northern Ethiopia

A mother holds her child inside a Medical Teams clinic.
A mother and her child inside a clinic in northern Ethiopia. Medical Teams has been working in northern Ethiopia for about two years. This year, we converted the response into a full-time program, serving internally displaced people through mobile health care within the northern Ethiopia regions. Photo by Alanna Smith, Medical Teams International.

2) Providing care in Bangladesh

A man lays in bed in a Medical Teams clinic in Bangladesh.
“My name is Goni Ali. I am 85 years old,” said Goni Ali. “I get proper medications if I come here. Such as the medicines for diabetes which make me feel good. But it gets a bit worse if I go to my home. If the situation gets worse, I come here two days in a row. By the grace of almighty Allah, I’m feeling much more energetic now. My legs used to swell a lot.” Goni Ali rests in one of the clinics in Bangladesh after receiving care for his diabetes and hypertension. Photo by Nihab Rahman.

3) Going to hard-to-reach places in Colombia

A woman in rain boots wades through over a foot of water from flooding in her community.
A Medical Teams community health worker wades through over one foot of water from flooding to reach six homes in her community. Photo by Lauren Odderstol, Medical Teams International.

4) The only NICU in a refugee settlement in Uganda

A premature baby sleeps inside an incubator.
Dr. Opon Raphael checks on one of three triplets born on this day. These babies were incubated in the only NICU in a refugee settlement in Uganda, in Rwamwanja HC III. Photo by Lauren Odderstol, Medical Teams International.

5) United in Ukraine

Refugees carry their belongings and walk at the Ukraine-Slovania border.
Refugees walking at the Ukraine-Slovakia border. When war broke out in Ukraine, Medical Teams deployed to Moldova and Ukraine to begin assessing medical needs on the ground. Since the start of the crisis, over seven million people have been displaced. One of the greatest parts of our response has been seeing how Ukrainians are caring for their own neighbors. We’ve partnered with a number of local organizations to bring medicines, medical supplies and mental health care to Ukrainians in the region. Photo by Jana Čavojská.

6) Mental health care in Lebanon

A woman sits in a tent with children who are drawing pictures.
A mental health and psychosocial support worker, Carine, works with patients in a refugee settlement in the Bekaa Valley, Lebanon. We honor the amazing work our Lebanon team accomplished over the years as we closed out this program this year. Photo by Medical Teams International.

7) New clinic, new life in Tanzania

A newborn baby wrapped in a blanket.
Medical Teams opened a new clinic this year in Nduta, including care for mothers and children. “New Baby” Photo by Suhaila Stanthon-Thawer, Medical Teams International.

8) The power of nutritional education in Uganda

A man spoon feeds a malnourished baby formula while her mother holds her.
Medical Teams Nutritionist, Ahab Tumushabe, teaches new mother, Special, how to feed her baby, Natasha, to help her recover from malnutrition. Photo by Lauren Odderstol, Medical Teams International.

9) Sharing hope in Guatemala

A group of women and children stand inside a home in Guatemala.
A community health team visiting pregnant women from their own community through Channels of Hope. Channels of Hope leverages relationships with different faith leaders to bring health awareness to their communities. Though we ended our time in Guatemala this year, we know that care for these beautiful communities will carry on. Photo by Medical Teams International.

10) A new launch in the United States

A woman gets a finger prick from a nurse to test for diabetes.
Patient Sabrina receives a finger prick for an HbA1C test. Medical Teams launched its U.S.-based Care and Connect Mobile Health program this summer, providing access to mobile health screenings, referrals, vaccinations and mobile dental for patients in urban and rural areas of Washington and Oregon. Photo by Maricarmen Miller, Medical Teams International.

And those are our top photos of 2022! Though we celebrate this last year, we know our work is never finished. There is another baby we want to bring into the world in safe conditions and with proper care. A single mother in need of psychological support while she is far from home, keeping her family safe from the threats they left behind. A doctor working long hours in the NICU to make sure babies make it through the night.

We are hopeful. We look forward to 2023 with confidence that this work will continue to bring hope and healing in our hurting world.

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Lauren Odderstol
Photographer, Storyteller & Producer