As 2019 comes to a close, we look back on lives that have been transformed. Many of the individuals we serve have endured unimaginable journeys — from fear to safety, from loss to new birth, from pain to healing. We believe it’s important to know who they are as people. Because we believe every person matters.

To reflect upon all that has happened this year, we chose 19 impactful images that provide a window into some of these lives. We are honored that they shared their journeys with us — their joys, their sorrows, their daily lives. Take a look at what life is like behind a door in Guatemala, inside a clinic in Tanzania, and from a rooftop above the world’s largest refugee settlement in Bangladesh.


  • Harun in Bangladesh
    1 - Harun has grown since we first met him early last year. He visits our clinic regularly to manage his asthma symptoms and keep him healthy enough to attend school with his friends. (photo credit: Nihab Rahman)


From the rolling hills of Bangladesh to rural villages in Guatemala, people around the world are celebrating, thanks to the life-saving care they received in 2019. A mother in Tanzania who nearly lost her daughter to severe malaria can breathe a sigh of relief that her child was healed. An expectant couple in Bangladesh can rest in the hope that their baby will be safe thanks to volunteer doctors in our clinics. A mother in Liberia has the comfort of knowing her children have access to the nutrition and medical care they need to survive.

Healing happens daily in all of these places, thanks to supporters like you.

2019 was an incredible year, and the impact has been far reaching.

  • Your compassionate support provided health care for 4.28 million people in crisis in 17 countries.
  • You helped send 19,200 mosquito nets to children in Tanzania to protect them from malaria.
  • You supported the construction of new latrines and water catchment systems in Guatemala, helping prevent the spread of disease and provide life-saving hygiene.
  • You made it possible for 13,813 Americans in crisis to receive urgently-needed dental care.
  • And so much more!

These 19 photos only scratch the surface of lives you’ve helped transform. But we hope they show the impact you can have on people in crisis around the world.

In 2020 you can help continue to bring healing to a hurting world — Send life-saving medical care today.