Gloriana is from Venezuela. She has lived in the United States for the past year with her daughter Grecia. When Gloriana saw the economy in free fall, and food and medicine becoming scarce, she knew it was no longer safe to stay in Venezuela.  She left the country and eventually settled in Beaverton, Oregon.

Thankfully, her daughter had lived in Oregon for three years and was able to bring Gloriana over safely. They still have multiple family members in Venezuela who they worry about and miss deeply.

In Venezuela, Gloriana was a professor at a university and worked with people with disabilities. In this role, she was a public speaker and interacted with others often.

Gloriana would love to be a professor again but hasn’t been able to work since moving to Oregon. It’s taking an emotional toll on her. Until then, Gloriana continues preparing herself for the day she can work again. Taking care of her dental health is one of her priorities.

The Impact of Small Blessings

After feeling immense pain and discomfort in her bottom front teeth and gums, Gloriana sought medical care to relieve her of this pain. She also hoped treatment would give her a renewed sense of confidence in her appearance.

Gloriana is cared for by a dentist and dental assistant at a Mobile Dental Clinic

Gloriana first heard about Medial Teams Dental Clinics from her pastor at the Village Church. Medical Teams set up their mobile clinic in the parking lot of the church and Gloriana was able to have easy access to free dental care.

“We are so grateful because we have seen so many blessings. People from the church who have known us less than a year have been so helpful. We feel so blessed to be here.”

This was Gloriana’s first time at the dental clinic. Arriving there, she felt nervous about her appointment. While filling out her paperwork, the volunteers reassured her that the dentists were highly skilled at what they do. After praying with her daughter, Gloriana headed into the clinic where she began telling the dentists about the pain she was feeling.

a dentist speaking to a patient
Gloriana meets with the dentist at a Medical Teams dental clinic.

The first step was to take an x-ray of Gloriana’s teeth to evaluate the problem. The x-ray showed that the pain Gloriana was feeling came from two bottom teeth that were infected. The dentists decided the best immediate option was to extract those two teeth. After extracting the teeth, the dentist provided a list of referrals for free follow-up care.

With tears in her eyes, Gloriana reflected on this past year and how Medical Teams provided needed dental care,

“This year has been hard and complicated; I am grateful there has been a clinic.”

Without dental care, Gloriana’s infection could have worsened and become even more serious. Through addressing the pain Gloriana was feeling, Medical Teams provided both physical and emotional comfort.

Thanks to our amazing volunteers and clinic managers, Gloriana left the clinic that day with a smile on her face and a new hope for the future.

Your gift today can provide urgent dental for someone like Gloriana.