This Mother’s Day, we want to honor the incredible women we serve alongside to make better health a reality. Experience shows that if you provide something for a mother – medicine, training – she almost always uses it to help her family. Here’s just one mother’s story that shows the lasting impact of healthcare access:

In Guatemala, Medical Teams-trained Mother Counselors started working with Marta three years ago when she was pregnant with her first child. Marta took this training to heart.

Marta, a woman in Guatemala who received Mother Counseling, holding her healthy baby

This training gave Marta the tools she needed to keep her family – and herself – healthy. And, she’s already put it into action.

When her daughter, Britany, was young, she struggled with constant diarrhea and was losing weight. Because of her training, Marta knew her daughter needed rehydration salts quickly to avoid serious complications like dehydration and even death. Following up with regular health monitoring appointments allowed Marta to track her daughter’s weight and make sure she was getting proper nutrition. Because of this, Marta’s children are some of the healthiest in the community.

Marta says, “I am so thankful for the Mother Counselors and I am grateful that Medical Teams provides the training to the Mother Counselors so I have the knowledge on how to raise healthy children.” Marta said she learned how to take care of her kids, how to properly wash dishes and clothing and has learned safer hygiene practices.

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