As we near the end of the year, one season looms, both spiritually and materially. Christmas is almost here! This year, you can give a gift that truly keeps giving when you to do your shopping from the pages of our gift catalog.

This season is a time for faith, family, and of course, presents under the tree. When you picture “a gift” you might imagine a wrapped package, complete with a shiny bow. But you know as well as we do that the best gifts go a little further. They’re presents that have meaning. They’re the ones that satisfy the soul.

Those are the kind of the gifts you’ll find in our gift catalog this year. When you give one of these gifts, you don’t just delight the person who receives it. You give the gift of hope, health care, and healing to our neighbors around the world.

The best part? Your gift goes twice as far! Thanks to a match from a generous donor, any gift you give from our gift catalog before December 31 is doubled up to $100,000.

In this season of light, and as we look toward the celebration of our Savior’s birth, consider giving from our gift catalog to your loved ones!

Give a birth kit to a mother like Claudine

A new mother holds her babies and could benefit from a gift from our gift catalog
Claudine, mother to triplets, received care from Medical Teams. You can give a gift to mothers like her from our gift catalog!

Claudine can’t imagine life now without her sons — it’s clear she’s a doting and affectionate mother. But when she first found out she was pregnant, at Medical Teams’ Nakivale clinic, she wasn’t sure how she was going to parent 3 babies!

“I was surprised,” Claudine says, with a laugh. “I thought I was carrying only one child!”

Happily, Claudine wasn’t alone in her journey to becoming a mother to triplets. Donors like you were on her side. While she was pregnant, she received supplementary nutrition so she wouldn’t become malnourished.

You made sure she received medical care before, during, and after her sons’ birth. What could have been a life-threatening experience was instead the joyful welcome all babies deserve.

For $26, you can give the gift of a safe delivery to mothers just like Claudine. Each gift you send provides the life-saving medical supplies doctors and nurses need to safely deliver a baby. Kits include cotton wool, surgical gloves, a cord clamp, antiseptic cream and other essentials.

Give now from the gift catalog, and welcome a child into the world safely with a birth kit today!

Treat malaria for a baby like Angella

A woman holds her young baby
Stella rushed her daughter, Angella, to a Medical Teams clinic for malaria treatment.

Stella is a woman of extraordinary strength. As she fled war in Burundi, she was cut on the back by a machete — but she still carried on. She made it to safety in Uganda with her infant daughter, Angella.

But Stella had to call on her strength again when her sweet, smiling 6-month-old baby began to cough and refused to breastfeed. Stella rushed Angella to a Medical Teams clinic, worried for her life.

Your gifts made it possible for a clinician to test baby Angella for malaria and treat the disease with anti-malaria medication. In just 3 days, Angella was back to her sweet baby ways.

Stella was so relieved her daughter was healthy again. She says,

“I thank Medical Teams for the good job they are doing. I feel proud of it. May they continue to offer services to sick people.”

For $30, you can give the gift of relief to 10 mothers like Stella and a babies like Angella. Tragically, malaria is one of the leading causes of death in children under the age of 5. It’s especially sad because treatment is simple and inexpensive. When you give, you’ll make sure malaria medication is on clinic shelves when a sick child like Angella needs it.

Get ahead on your Christmas shopping, and give from the gift catalog today!

Feed a child like Clever

A woman holds a toddler with a pack of supplementary nutrition
Clever, a 2-year-old boy, was severely malnourished and needed emergency nutrition to recover.

When one of Medical Teams’ community health recently visited Clever, a little boy who’s almost 2, they were happy to see him playing on his grandparents’ lap and toddling around their yard. While it’s normal for most 2-year-olds, it was in stark contrast from the last time she’d seen Clever.

When his grandparents brought him to the hospital, he was so weak he could barely lift his head. They had done everything they could to help him, but he was so malnourished he couldn’t eat solid food.

That’s when donors like you showed up. Your gifts made it possible for providers to feed Clever supplementary nutrition and treat him with medicine. You’re the reason that today, Clever is running and playing like a little boy should.

“Now, he’s even laughing!” his grandmother says, smiling.

It’s something that seemed impossible just a few months ago. But thanks to you, Clever’s getting a second chance.

Your gift of $100 will support a child like Clever as they recover from malnutrition for up to a month. When children are malnourished, they’re at risk of missing major developmental milestones. Even if they survive, their long term growth is impacted. It makes gifts like this all the more important.

Gifts of growth, hope, and a future might seem far-fetched…but you can find them in our gift catalog today!

Provide dental care for neighbors like Sydney

a woman stands in front of a mobile dental van
Sydney survived a life-threatening event, but needed help getting dentures.

Sydney, a mother to two grown adult sons, is the kind of woman who says yes to unexpected trips and knows the name of anyone she meets within minutes. Her appetite for life is inspiring. But after losing most of her teeth, she struggled to get help. Luckily, a neighbor told her about Medical Teams.

“I never knew there was something like this,” Sydney says. “I’m so grateful for the Mobile Dental van. So happy.”

Now, Sydney’s smile is wide and open thanks to her dentures. She visits our mobile dental van regularly for fittings and maintenance. She shares that without Medical Teams, she wasn’t sure what she would have done.

Our incredible community of supporters, like you, made it possible for her to get help when she needed it most. Because of you, our mobile dental vans are able to hold free clinics around the Pacific Northwest.

A gift of $225 provides someone in the United States, like Sydney, with dental care. For people who don’t have health insurance or are struggling to make ends meet, clinics like ours are a Godsend. You’ll relieve pain for people like Sydney, who can’t afford or access dental care on their own, right here in the U.S.

Give the gift of a smile from our gift catalog today!

The gift catalog of hope

As we enter this season of hope, your generosity doesn’t just provide urgent medical care to people around the world who are facing crises. You’re giving the gift of hope. The dignity of health care is something everyone deserves. This year, under the tree, you can honor your loved ones by honoring the humanity of others.

When you buy from our gift catalog, you’ll be sent a beautiful card that you can gift to your loved ones as a token of the donation you made in their name. And don’t forget — send your gift by December 31st to have your donation doubled!

Wishing you and your family blessings, in this season and always!