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Serving the Local Community With Mobile Dental Vans

Mobile Dental volunteers and patients represent the amazing work taking place right now in our own backyard. Here are two stories that demonstrate how strong our local communities are.

After Years of Despair, A Syrian Woman Finds Her Purpose

Shaza is a young Syrian woman. Seven years ago, her life turned upside down. War destroyed her home and extinguished her dreams.

Power Presence: How Volunteering Heals

Not all pain is visible. It’s not as if anguish is something you can diagnose with a simple assessment—or treat with a pill. Hurt, after all, can cut scars far deeper than what we see with our eyes.

Daughter and Father Share Love of Volunteering

Like many who sacrifice their free time for others, Aashna and Keshavan struggle to put their passion for volunteering into anything but simple terms: To do good feels good.

18 Ways to Keep the World Healthy in 2018

Here are the 18 ways that we will work to keep the world healthy in 2018!

17 Photos of Lives Transformed in 2017

Check out 17 of our favorite images that illustrate the life-changing work that happened in 2017!

Helping Families After Hurricane Harvey

“I think all of us can imagine what it would be like for us to lose our home, to be stuck in a shelter.”

A Welcome Medical Delivery in Cambodia

How big of a difference can a delivery of medical equipment make in a health clinic?

Small Acts of Kindness in Haiti

What was wrong with this patient – and would they be able to help him?